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Steve Schoop

Steve, founder of ADE, is involved with planning, sales, and project management.  Some might say Steve is a workaholic, including Steve himself. He enjoys his work and sincerely cares about his team and the relationships he has built in the industry. He will tell you that one of his proudest achievements is having customers with whom he has worked for over twenty years as they expand their concepts.

    Steve had visions of doing what he does today from a very young age. While working for a foodservice company in high school, the need arose for someone who could draft, and Steve started laying out kitchens. He enjoys working on a project from inception to completion and all the steps in between.

    Steve describes customers at ADE as independent multi-unit operators and regional chains who are in the process of expanding their concepts.

    When he is not working, he spends time with his family and makes time for vacations, playing cards, and reading. He has rafted down the Colorado River twice. To unwind after a busy week, he enjoys taking long walks outdoors.


    One thing you might not know about Steve is that he played guitar in a rock band when he was a teenager.


    Steve is known for his integrity, intelligence, professionalism, and being one of the most trustworthy and kindest people you will ever meet. He leads by example, works hard, employs the best of the best, and respects and entrusts his highly professional and talented team to bring their best to their customers with the highest integrity.

    Contact Steve

    Cell: 630-712-0575

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