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Rob Thompson

Rob graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Ball State University in 2008. With knowledge, ambition, and goals, he set off to find a good company where he could apply his ideas and inspirations. He found the perfect opportunity to bring it all to the table when he joined ADE in 2011.

Rob worked for an Architecture firm in Wheaton, Illinois, before being hired by ADE in March of 2011 and couldn’t be happier to be on the ADE team.

Rob is focused, friendly, and reliable. He is always available to help a colleague or customer and brings a high level of knowledge to projects. 

Rob reconfigured the CAD system at ADE to make the process much more efficient for the team, allowing the ADE team to increase drawing production and reduce the time it takes to get drawings back to customers. 

Rob maintains strong relationships with commercial equipment supplier partners, participates in new product training with manufacturers, and stays current with challenges and opportunities in the industry and current and developing foodservice trends. He attends industry shows and conferences; if there are new equipment, solutions, or industry advances, Rob knows about them.

Rob enjoys relaxing at home with his wife, Nicole, and their Chocolate Lab, Mabel, to relax and unwind. They like to take day trips to get out of the city/suburbs and explore new places to hike and enjoy nature. 

Keep the coffee brewing. Rob is a dedicated coffee enthusiast. Every time he travels, the first search is for the best coffee shop in the area. He says there’s always cold brew, drip, and espresso available in the house at all times. So, if you stop by, you can count on a good cup of coffee.

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