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Mary Hernandez

When Mary started working at ADE, she was looking for a Customer Service office position and found so much more. With her experience as a hotel restaurant and catering manager, Mary brings her first-hand knowledge of food service professionals’ needs, challenges, and opportunities.  Mary joined ADE in 2004.  

Mary enjoys her work and the fact that she is consistently learning new things, which helps her better assist their customers. But what she likes most about being a part of the ADE team is the people she works with every day.


“At ADE, we all get along very well and help each other out whenever we can. We work together to ensure our customers are taken care of from the initial planning stage to the opening of their restaurant.”

Mary’s favorite way to unwind after a busy week is to spend quality time with her husband and four children. They enjoy going to their campsite, which they have dubbed the “The Casita” at Woodhaven. It is her favorite place to be when they are not home—Mary and her family take time to unplug from technology and enjoy outdoor activities and each other’s company.

Mary and her husband also like to find and try different food recipes. They have experimented with different Mexican recipes and are currently exploring Cuban recipes. They plan to continue to explore flavors and tastes, moving on to other cuisines of different cultures.  

Contact Mary

phone: 630-628-0811

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