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Maritsa Trujillo

Before starting with ADE, Maritsa was an administrative assistant, a role she has always loved. When she found the opportunity to join ADE as an office assistant, she knew it would be an excellent opportunity to grow, learn new things, and work with a talented, friendly, and welcoming team.

Maritsa maintains the ADE database, entering and updating information. She also processes incoming purchase orders, prints and prepares outgoing checks, processes payments, and assists wherever and whenever needed. 

“The positive environment makes it very easy to work and assist with the common goal of achieving results and helping each other. There is always something new to learn, with a new challenge each day that allows us to expand our knowledge and improve our problem-solving skills. It’s never repetitive or boring.”

Her interests outside of work revolve around the beauty industry. Ever since she was young, she has been interested in makeup, hair products, nail polish, etc. When she was in high school, her free time went to creating new makeup looks; just looking at new products that were about to launch would excite her to get her hands on them! 

Maritsa’s favorite way to unwind and relax after a busy week could be shopping to ease her mind or just laying in bed with her favorite snack and watching a movie with her husband. 

A fun fact about Maritsa is that she owns 14 animals. “My husband recently came to the US. I was traveling back and forth from Mexico for about two years, and we left behind nine chickens, three roosters, one horse, and my dog Chiquis. All being taken good care of by my in-laws. We look forward to purchasing land and many more animals!" 

Maritsa’s favorite food is a traditional Mexican soup called Pozole, made from hominy, spicy peppers and flavorful chicken or pork all in a broth, which you can top with cabbage, onion, cilantro, and limes. It always reminds me of “home” and is perfect for fall and winter months. 

Contact Maritsa

phone: 630-628-0811

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