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Kevin Corral

Kevin is someone you can count on every time. If he says he is going to do something, he does it.  Kevin handles sales and project management, maintains strong relationships with supplier partners, and coordinates training and education for the sales team, ensuring they have everything they need to succeed. 

Kevin joined ADE in 2009.  He has several years of experience bringing restaurant visions to fruition and providing solutions for culinary professionals.  He stays current with industry developments and has built strong partnerships and relationships along the way, 


Kevin is honest, trustworthy, and committed to always doing the right thing. He is friendly and focused and always willing to help someone if needed.


ADE is a strong proponent of training to equip the team with knowledge to stay on top of new equipment, industry trends, and more. Kevin coordinates participation at equipment and industry training events for the sales team. Kevin also attends conferences, training events, and industry shows, sharing his learning with his team and customers. Kevin spent several years on the SEFA marketing and training committee, representing the ADE team and dealer consultants across the country. He was integral to creating new developments and insights that help consultants and culinary professionals.


Kevin has strong relationships in the industry and with their equipment manufacturer partners, fellow industry peers, and industry connections. One of the things he likes most about ADE is the camaraderie and family-like environment at the office.  


After a busy week at work, he says nothing beats heading to the pickleball court to enjoy a few hours of fun and friendly competition. Kevin also truly enjoys heading out to new and existing local restaurants to help support the local economy and try new and exciting ventures. 

Contact Kevin

 Cell: 630-841-7580

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