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Iliana Martinez

Iliana came to ADE with a strong background in the foodservice industry and ambition to draft and create detailed drawings. Talk about a perfect fit! Iliana joined the ADE team in 2019.

Iliana drafts preliminary and final restaurant plans using AutoCAD. “As I learned and worked with CAD, I found that having the ability to create detailed drawings was exciting." 


Iliana says that the positive work environment at ADE is enjoyable and inspiring. Being surrounded by warm and welcoming people is very important to Iliana, and that describes the ADE team to a tee. 


Iliana’s favorite way to unwind depends on the weather; if it’s nice out, she enjoys going to festivals, and if it is cold and wintery out, having Loteria nights is what she describes as the best. 


Her favorite food is Enchiladas, and her drink of choice is Agua de pepino.


Her hobby is a testament to her interest in and respect for the culinary industry, as she enjoys trying cuisines from different ethnicities. 

Contact Iliana

phone: 630-628-0811

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