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Charmayne Baniqued 

Charmayne works full-time as an accounting assistant at ADE while finishing school to receive certificates in accounting. Despite her lack of experience in office accounting, she feels fortunate to have been welcomed by ADE without hesitation and continuously supported in reaching her education goals. Charmayne joined ADE in 2022.

Charmayne performs essential office and accounting tasks such as preparing invoices and statements for customers, entering transactions into the system, reviewing reports to maintain accuracy, managing accounts payable and accounts receivable, processing electronic payments from customers, and more! 

"ADE offers me an excellent work-life balance. I can organize my days and plans without trouble. Working full-time and being a college student is much easier due to the flexible scheduling here at ADE. The ADE leadership team fully supports my efforts to finish college. I can learn and grow as an accounting assistant and easily complete class assignments. I have been able to balance education and work since I started working for ADE. "

In addition to being a detail-oriented numbers person, she is very creative and enjoys arts and crafts. She has been drawing by hand since she was in elementary school. During high school, she won awards for almost all her drawings as she submitted her drawings to the school art shows twice yearly. She is very proud and grateful for the recognition of her artwork; the awards and drawings are things she will cherish forever. 

Charmayne’s hobbies include drawing, reading, baking, painting, and, most recently, learning to crochet. 

Her favorite food is a Filipino dish called tortang talong. It is a grilled whole eggplant pan-fried in an egg and cooked ground pork mixture (basically an eggplant omelet). It is often paired with white rice and banana ketchup. “This dish is something I can never get tired of, especially when my mom cooks it. I’d love to learn how she cooks her tortang talong!”

Contact Charmayne

phone: 630-628-0811

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